wishing, & hoping, & thinking, & praying

I feel that's all I've been doing lately. Which isn't a bad thing, right. I feel like I am just sitting around twiddling my thumbs. And waiting. Oh, and answering people on when this baby is arriving. I am going to get a shirt screen printed that has my due date on it. And the back it is going to say, "No, I am not feeling miserable, I am just big. Leave me alone."

Man, do I look miserable just because I am this big. I don't feel it. Ok, maybe that was a miserable comment.

What kills me is that this baby could technically come at any minute now, and not everything is done, or packed, or taken care of. That is not me. I would have rather everything be completed the day we found out we were pregnant. Hahahaha, yeah right.

I counted last night, in the middle of my non-sleep things left to do:

1. Need: bedding to arrive (still waiting)
2. Need: glider to arrive (still waiting)
3. Need: wall shelf to arrive (just ordered yesterday)
4. Hang Owen Canvas on wall
5. Arrange other 2 pictures and shelf on wall
6. Put car seat in the car (pick that up on Friday)
7. Need: end table for your chair (waiting for that to be completed)

Technically, that's all I really want done before he gets here. Technically.

Now Owen, as much as I want you here ASAP I need you to take the following into consideration. One, I need to get the above accomplished. And two, I want you to keep growing big and strong. So just keep cooking and we will see you when you are ready. December 4th at the latest. I finally got Dr. Tadvick to pull out that calendar and give me a date if you aren't here by the 30th.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry girl, it will all get done eventually and it won't matter once that preciuos little boy gets here..plus he probably won't even sleep in his room for awhile.Glad to hear you are feeling great!

Baby McMinn said...

No worries we can pick up the chair if she ever gets it.
He will not open his eyes enough to look at the shelves or the canvas. I can pack your bag, one thing if he comes before Friday you can borrow Stone's car seat. Don't fret it will all get done.