christmas blessings

Christmas day brought so many blessings and happy memories for us! It was Owen's first Christmas and I think he had a great time! My parent's, brother, sister, and the dogs were all here to help us celebrate.

Owen received his first present at 2:30 am when we woke up to eat. My mom ran out of their bedroom (the office) when she heard we were up. And there was his present under the tree in his room. It was a soft nursery rhymes book. She read it to him right then and there as he was eating.

Among all the presents, the greatest one was having my family here to celebrate Christmas and celebrate Owen. It is such a blessing and gift to have a family that loves, cares for you, and is nurturing. I have received that love and closeness my entire life, and now Owen is here to share in that experience. Love that I have from each of my family members.

Having my own family makes me so grateful for mine; me, Mitchell, and Owen, Mitchell's family, and my family. I cannot imagine not having the support and love that we have from our families, but I will tell you this. I am SO glad we do have it.

At the end of the day, very tired!

Snoopy from his Uncle Ricky.

Hmmm, which of these are Owen's? ALL of them :)

Owen and his Papi.

Christmas day Kiss!!!!

Owen's first present under his tree!

Santa's cookies and milk all gone. And a note to Owen from Santa!

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Jenni said...

How cute! I'm so happy for you guys! Owen is precious and he has the best parents in the world. Love you and miss you!