fav 2009 memory #1

One of my favorite memories from this past year is when one of my best friends, Natalie graduated from medical school. I have always told Nat she is the smartest person I know... seriously. But back in middle school she called me once for help on history homework. That's right! I knew something that she didn't. The surgeon! HA! That is the only thing I've got over her.

Jennifer, our other best friend was there. These girls have been my BEST friends since my family moved to Austin in 6th grade. They were my bridesmaids, threw me a bachelorette party, are aunts to Owen, and all my favorite memories growing up involve them!

Us and Dr. Britt after the BIG ceremony.

I LOVE HER!!!!!!

Her big italian/german family.

Me, Natalie, and Jenn.

Jenn and I waiting for Natalie to cross the stage!

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