I am so so very blessed. After posting my woes and worries of Owen being colicy I recieved so many words of advice, reassurance, and love from many of my friends.

Thank you everyone for your sweet words.

Thank you for your prayers.

And thank you for just listening and reading my ranting.

I never knew I could hurt so much when my little man is upset. But it's nothing that prayer and patience can't help.

Notice how I have a picture of my little love on every one of my posts? I can't help it. Look at those chunky legs in this picture. Just like his mamma. Chunky monkey!

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Jamie, Diana and J'Lee said...

Hey amanda!!! i just wanted to suggest teething tablets. They are all natural and J'Lee always did great with them. She was a bigger girl so we gave her a few at at a time. Also, anytime she was having a hard time sleeping and was crying, we would give her some tylenol to help her sleep. That may sound like we drugged her, but not really :). we would give her that for a few days. I hope you are doing better and you look GREAT!