feels like the first time

I think it's finally time that Big O get a haircut. I know what you are thinking, a haircut for a 4 month old? (technically 4 months and 1 week old)

But if your son was born with this much hair:

And still has enough hair to do this:

I think its time.

It's really just the hair on the sides and back that need trimming. From behind Owen looks like one of those Chinese Karate teachers with the scraggely hair. One from those movies where their lips start moving 10 minutes before you hear their voices. My dad loves those movies.

In a totally cute way of course.

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Kit Womble Photography said...

Oh girl. Konnor was 2 months old when he got his first trim. It was in his eyes! 4 months isn't a big deal, and if you feel like it's time, it probably is! Don't listen to what anyone else says!