50 first dates: 2nd date

We started cereal 3 weeks ago. Is that right? Oh my gosh it is. 3 weeks ago. I was pretty pumped. All I could hear in my head was, "If you give him cereal he'll start sleeping through the night guaranteed."

If I hear that phrase again, I will throw cereal on the closest person who delivers that line. Can you guess that my little man isn't sleeping through the night? And is waking up more than he did at 2 months.

These pictures are worth a thousand words.

Especially this one. I promise, everything in that bowl was edible.

He is liking it more each day... I think. Or that's the little voice in my head is saying.

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BabyCakes by Aubrey said...

Oh Amanda, I so know the feeling! Ava has never been a good sleeper no matter what she ate. I have concluded that breastfed babies just don't sleep as well. She finally started sleeping through the night at 11 months but still has many nights she wakes up at 3 or 4.