50 first dates: date 3

Hippity hoppity Easter, Owen!

This past Sunday was the first time we celebrated Easter and the ressurection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ with Owen. This Easter was so much more than it had been in the past. Knowing God gave His Son for me, a lowly sinner so that I could have a blameless life. So that I could become a mother to my own son. What Grace we have been given. So undeserving we are.

Although Owen won't remember this Easter I had big plans for us as a family.

The Easter Bunny came and left sussies in Owen's room over night. I was so excited about doing this. The Easter Bunny used to leave me and my brother and sister Easter sussies (surprises) in our room over night. This is one of my favorite childhood memories. Waking up with sponge rollers in my hair, searching my room to see what we got. I loved that. I wanted to share that with Owen, and was so excited to get his Easter presents.

The Easter Bunny left him new PJs (a bigger size), a little race care, new pacis, sunblock for his face (yes I am very practicle), the book "Owen", and the book "Owen's Marshmellow Chick". HE LOVES the Marshmellow chick book. It has a little finger puppet of Owen holding his chick and fuzzy yellow blanket.

Unfortunatley these are the only pictures we got of us for the day. We had plans for photos after lunch with Uncle Ricky.

We had a slight accident before we even made it home for lunch. We took Owen out of his carseat at the restaurant so he could sit with us at the table, and Uncle Ricky noticed something creaping out of the top of his pants. And something in his carseat.... that's enough details. Let's just say I am glad we were done with lunch. And glad no one else saw. We would have been buying a lot of other tables lunches.

No worries, we will be staging pictures another time. When we are all clean. From front to back.

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