182 days

4,360 hours.

262,080 minutes.

15,724,800 seconds.

that is how long my little man has been in my life. making us a mommy and daddy. and the happiest, most blessed people alive. ever. and forever. and ever.

there is no greater expression of love from our Heavenly Father than the gift of a child. how beautifully, perfect this blessing is. to be a parent. the love i have for our Lord and Savior has only grown and become stronger since having Owen.

to give up His only Son. for a humble sinner like me. a person who is constantly making mistakes, and forgetting to put Him first. His only Son. i cannot imagine that sacrific. that pain. and suffering.

but that is the point. He suffered and still does so that i can have life. and give life to my own son. i am so grateful for this constant reminder of how precious my life is to my Savior.

little big O,

i love you more than you will ever know. you make mine and your daddy's day brighter, and more beautiful than anything we have ever imagined. i am sure this is heaven here on earth with you here. all confusion, stress, pain, and negativity in our lives seems to have fadded into the past. watching you grow, and learn, and explore your curiosity is the most flattering gift we have ever received.

i love each day you touch my face with your drool covered hands. and even days like yesterday when i checked your diaper and the poopie splashed back in my face. and you cried all day in pain because of your ear infection.

we love making up songs and silly dances just to see you smile and to hear your giggle. thank you for the air in your little lungs. your little finger nails. your silly, beautiful hair. your daddy's toes. and your screams, crys, laughs, screeches, and girggels.

we love you, our little big O.
mama & dada

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