domestic - ish.

i am feeling so domestic today. and i haven't even done anything. i bought food to make big O's baby food. carrots. sweet potatoes. green beans. couldn't find any fresh organic peas. i am trying to keep everything he eats organic. everything he's eaten up until now has been.

cereal. and mama's milk! (too much info?)

we are also trying SUPER, REALLY, INCREDABLY, VERY hard to start drinking out of a sippy cup. we have technically been trying for a little over a month. since O won't take a bottle i figured it was time for the cup. he takes the cup. but the juice and milk in the cup are an afterthought for O. he is more interested in chewing on the cup. all 4 different kinds we have. that includes one with a straw.

help? suggestions?
is seems at 6 months is when you truly have an older baby. not just a baby anymore. sitting up. eating foods. trying to crawl. nursing less during the day. i thought i would be great with the latter, but it sort of makes me sad.

but i am really trying hard not to be one of those sappy moms. and just enjoy and celebrate every single little stage he's at right now.

and i am totally ok with that.


Kit Womble Photography said...

I'm guessing by "milk" you're meaning formula, since he's not yet 1. :)

My suggestion? He's still pretty little. Hold off on the sippy cups! Don't rush these things :) Nurse him as long as you can of course, and try using a real straw (keep your finger on it to keep it short and to keep him from jabbing it into the back of his throat) or helping him sip from a regular cup. Once he's learned to do these two things, sippies will follow suit. :) We still do straw sippies here (at 3), keeping in mind that he'll continue to use straws as he gets older, and not a spout.

Feel free to ignore my advice if it doesn't fit your needs. Every baby is totally and utterly different! I love the fact that you're doing homemade baby food! Konnor LOVED avocadoes! Best of luck, sister!

Team Purser said...

just thinking ahead a little...what is your advice for making baby food?

Tyler and Shea Moses said...

Loved making baby food! It's so fun!! I loved the website www.wholesomebabyfood.com for fun ways to mix up normally very bland food! Way to go with the sippy cup. We gave Anslee one at 6 months and she did not get the hang of it until 11 months. Let him explore with it, but worry none if it takes him a while. It's good for him to recognize it though as a normal part of his day :) I love reading your updates. He is growing up so handsomely!

Tiffany said...

I think most kids are more interested in chewing on the cup at first (especially if they're teething)u, but they get it down eventually. Althogh, I still catch Gracie chewing on the spout of her cups every now and then. I don't think that you can mess him up on cups. He is such a cutie!

Erin and Anthony said...

Well, I don't have any motherly advice since my little man hasn't arrived yet, but I think it's pretty cool that you make your own baby food. I'm gonna be calling on you and all the great moms from church for advice like this when my little man does arrive, so get ready!

Lacey said...

Amanda, the first cup we were able to get both of our girls to take were the cheap, Nuby cups. They were both bottle babies, though, so that might make it all totally different. They liked the soft, silicone tops, and enough chewing on those does reward them with drops of juice! Hope all goes well!!