oh, how you have my heart.


there aren't enough words to tell you how amazing and incredable you are. everyday with you is more beautiful. since the day you were born i have truly learned what it means to love and be loved.

you are the perfect example of God's love for us - so beautiful, pure, innocent, and eager. all of these things i long to be for Him. you teach me how to be more like The Lord. i already know you have a special relationship with our Heavenly Father.

you never stop smiling. ever. you make me smile, and laugh, and make my heart skip a beat at the mere thought of you.

just like your daddy you love music. and i think you are going to be a musician. since you were in my tummy you had a natural sense of rhythum. and you still do. your favorite toys are your maraca and tambourine. and of course your balls. you love to play catch and you throw the ball so well. secretly, your dada hopes you will be a lefty.

if anything makes you upset, you are always happy to hear me sing. i think you are the only one that likes my singing. but it's just me and you all day. we don't need to worry about anyone else.

i can't imagine not being able to spend my days with you. i have only left you only a handful of times, and those were the most agonizing hours of my life. you are the first thing i want to see every morning, and the last thing i see every night. your dada and i love to sneak in your room before we go to bed and watch you cuddeling with your blanket, breathing so deeply, sweetly.

i could go on and on about everything you do, and how sweet, and gentle it is. how your love, and hugs, and kisses are the best gifts we have ever received. thank you for being my little man. and for letting us be your parents. we promise to always love, care, and provide for you the best we absolutely can. and to give you everything you need, and not quite everything you want.

right now as a family, this is all we could ever need.

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