ayuda me.

i need help, mommy friends.

i am trying to wean my son from nursing. i don't really want to wean him yet. i really want to make it a full 12 months, but my headaches aren't getting better and the only solution is medication. which i hate.

problem is, Owen won't take a bottle. i mean won't take it. it's not a pretty picture. needless to say he is a very strong willed little boy.

and, he still won't really, truly drink from a sippy cup. he's been playing/chewing on it since 5 months. i am i sure we have tried every sippy cup that Target sells.

any suggestions? help? advice?


The Winkleplecks said...

I wish I could remember exactly what I did with Hannah but I know that someone else needs to be giving him the bottle. Just be persistent and keep trying. It's tough. I hate that I didn't get to see you when I was in TX. Hope things are going good. Good luck with the bottle.

Sarah said...

Hey Amanda! I know this is so hard. Ella is very strong willed too and did NOT want to take the bottle but I knew I was going back to work sometime. I agree with Allison, let someone else give it to him and just try every day. When my mother-in-law and the baby sitter gave her a bottle they said it helped to hold her really close like in a nursing position but when Adam gave her a bottle, he held her a little out. Also, it might help to let him hold your nursing cover while he is given a bottle since it has your smells on it. Good luck! I went back to work without her still fighting the bottle. It's tough.

katy said...

he has the bottle or he doesn't eat! (just kidding!) I agree with the others on here. And be persisent. It'll happen sooner or later. And don't you worry about him not taking the sippy cup. He still seems to be a bit young for that, so you have time! Once he gets used to having something plastic in his mouth, it'll be a lot easier to get him to take a cup. Hope it helps!

Team Purser said...

in one of the books i'm reading right now, the author (a pediatrician) says to leave the bottle & baby in the house and to apologize to whoever you're leaving them with...and stay gone as long as it takes! yikes...scary thought...but maybe it would work?? i've also heard about people having luck with a regular 'ol cup & straw -- pediatrician recommended, surprisingly. good luck!!!