i am the walrus

we have been super busy in our house lately. not joke, it's been crazy. here is a little of what we are up to:

1. MITCHELL STARTS SCHOOL ON MONDAY! we are so excited for this school year and to see what comes with it. on another note, which will require an entirelly different post, mitchell has 260ish kids in his band this year. OMG!

2. O is crawling. well, he has been for a while. and he is all over the place. all the places i don't like to clean in my house, baseboards, bottom cabinets, etc. are now his new friends. and get a good cleaning once a week. it's hard to keep a house clean with a BIG dog. bigger the dog, bigger the mess.

3. we have had a pleathora of family come into town this summer. to see O, not us. and it has been such a blessing not having to travel with a baby. I LOVE IT!

4. ricky moved into a new house a few weeks ago. we are happy for him and his new pad.

5. i start teaching dance at APAC on monday. i cannot wait. but i will have to start leaving Owen for two hours those nights i am teaching. i am not looking forward to that. but he will be in good hands.

6. and O will start kindermusik on wednesday.

7. O does not like to have his diaper changed lately. gets super upset when there aren't cheerios, bananas, bread or something on his plate that he can feed himself. for the first time 2 weeks ago, wasn't crying when we picked him up from the nursery at church. not last week. he makes some crazy weird sounds sometimes. i wonder where he gets it from. he knows when he's about to have his picture taken.

that is about it. so far. the school year is starting and i am sure there will be much more going on to add to this list.

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Jamie, Diana and J'Lee said...

Amanda, he is BEAUTIFUL!!! He is growing up so fast and you are doing such an amazing job being a mom. I always knew that you would be fantastic. Quick question: since you are teaching dance classes, would you happen to know how young they start classes. I really want to get J'Lee into a class and see how she does. Love you and miss you!