what's wrong with this picture?

things i did not want to do today:
1. laundry
2. clean floors
3. straighten my hair
4. tell the dog to be quiet with a squirt of water in the face
5. pull grass and leaves out of O's mouth
6. dishes

what have i done today? all of the above.

good news is the hedges are trimmed. had a stuffed animal party in O's room. we have clean clothes to wear. Rom got the hint and is quiet. i don't have to do my hair until tonight. and O didn't mind the grass. in fact. i think he kind of liked it.

OH, and i got to talk to my wonderful friend Jennifer for like 30 minutes. a WAY OVER DUE conversation. O didn't know what to think. i never really talk on the phone. i was never one of those girls that needed/cared to have my own phone line. i know my parents were grateful.

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