oh, i forgot. i have a blog.

yes, i do have a blog. but life has been a little more busy, and crazy than usual. we have been up to so much lately, but we are so blessed. life is great and God, as always, has been so good to us.

1. things are starting to get really busy at school for mitchell. all city auditions coming are up, his band is playing at City Sidewalks for Christmas November 30th, and of course a Christmas concert.

2. Owen is ELEVEN MONTHS OLD. HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY IS NEXT WEEKEND. oh my gosh, we are so excited. we can't wait!

3. we all have been sick in some form or another. 3 weeks ago O had an ear infection, two weeks ago it got worse, last week we went into the doctor for the 2nd time in two weeks, this week he is FINALLY getting better. but if you were to just see him, you could not have told that he was sick. he is always so happy. i got the stomach bug from BAD CHINESE food two sundays ago. mitchell got it just a tad bit. thankfully he stayed home to take care of me and big O. then last week, mitchell pulled a muscle in his back. this week he is finally feeling better.

4. romulus is healthy and still going strong. mitchell mentioned a few weeks ago that he thinks he is going through another growth spirt. i don't know what i would do if that dog got any bigger.

5. my APAC classes have their first performance (and mine with them) on saturday. i am so excited and nervous at the same time. those kids are the BEST, i just love then and love being their teacher!

6. we went to the fall festival at the church last night and O had so much fun. he was by far the cutest lion. well, i think so!

7. tomorrow my cousin Denise comes into town with her son to celebrate his birthday at the Abilene Zoo. i can't wait to see Deni!

8. Auntie Vicki comes in Saturday to watch O for me while i am at dress rehearsal with my kids. we can't wait until she comes to sees us.

9. 4 weeks ago we went to austin for a wedding. the week after that, dfw for a race for the cure 5K for a family friend, we were sick last weekend, and this weekend - this weekend we will finally be able to attend church.

10. well, that is really it. there is nothing more i can think of. i just really wanted an even numbered list.

our little lion. rawrrr!

O LOVES to drive. watch out abilene.

he didn't know what to think of the miniature horse considering Rom is bigger than it.

taking brownies to Dada's school and showing off our little lion!

O with his girlfriend Elizabeth at the fall festival! christina: YEA we finally got a picture together!!!!

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