stalker alert!

*this story and it's content is entirely true. hilarious, strange, crazy, and true. names have not been changed to protect those in this blog post. although they probably should have. because someone might get arrested. that someone being my sister.

this is my sister victoria. she is 22 years old and lives in austin, texas. there are 5 things that you should know about her. 5 things that vicki loves more than anything on this earth. and when i say anything, i mean anything.

1. her Savior, Jesus Christ
2. Big O
3. texas country (particularly Aaron Watson)
4. her dog Brutus (it's really a strange obsession, but we won't go there)
5. her truck jake

now Aaron Watson.

vicki is a big fan. goes to all his concerts. all of them. stays to the end of the concert, goes to the meet and greet. gets pictures, autographs, tshirts. the whole 9 yards. at every single concert. with all the pharafanalia she has of his, she has probably purchased his tour bus. or his truck at least.

she is without a doubt his biggest fan. Aaron Watson knows her. not just her face because she is a stalker... i mean big fan. he knows Victoria. and he knows my mom. he knows she lives in austin. that she will be at every concert and that he will see her afterwards. he knows that her sister (me) and family live in abilene.

it's really a strange relationship. really.

last year i was pregnant. so was aaron's wife. vicki already knew that. i don't know how, but she did. well turns out we had our babies on the same day, same hospital, and our rooms were right across the hall from each other. crazy i know. as vicki is leaving my hospital room and walked down the hall, aaron was walking down the hall. stops. looks at her and says, "hey victoria, what are you doing here?" i honestly think he was scared and really, really shocked. she explained that i had a baby, oh, yea and that his wife had a baby. and oh, we are right across the hall from each other. for a second i don't think he believed her. then he saw the rest of my family and realized if she was stalking him, she wouldn't bring her family.


this weekend vicki came to take care of Big O while i had dress rehearsal and a performance with my APAC kids. driving into town vicki stopped at the DQ in Santa Anna, as she says, "that's my DQ, i always stop there on my way into and out of town."

pulling into the DQ vicki sees a tour bus, didn't think anything of it, and proceeded to walk in.

she saw A Wat.

she avoided him and headed to the bathroom. luckily he was gone when she got out. she got her order and left. as she walked out to her truck, he yells at her, "hey, like your bumper sticker." of course it's an aaron watson sticker. she turns, says thanks, he stops, get's a blank look on his face as he recognizes her, and says "hey!?!??!! what are you doing here?"

i told vicki if cops show up at my house to arrest her, i am not posting bail.

but if only. now that would have made this story perfect.

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