flash back friday * music

i write about three things pretty much exclusively on my blog:


our home.

and owen.

but mostly it's all about owen.

i thought i would branch out and write about something different, and today i thought i would get back to flash back friday. seemed fitting since today is friday. and today's edition of flash back friday will be the music edition.

we don't watch much tv during the day. at all. except during nap time. then i watch my trash tv, but we won't go there. we listen to music all day long.

and we love all types of music. almost.

opening up iTunes today it was pretty easy to find something that takes me back. i found something in each folder of genres. today i chose oldies.

Frankie Valli's song "Walk Like a Man" is on the slideshow of pictures from our wedding of Mitchell while he is growing up. mine was "My Girl." that was so much fun picking all those songs for our wedding dvd. we chose timeless songs that everyone knows and loves. a cd of songs was our wedding favors also. everyone told us how much they loved it. that meant a lot to us. they were songs that were basically the soundtrack to our first 14 months together before getting married.

warm fuzzy feeling ensue... ahhh!

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