have you seen this drawing The Pioneer Woman is doing today... ummm hello beautiful!

that is seriously one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen in my live. and it has never made me more proud to be an owner of a Kitchenaid standing mixer or an apron so i can be all domestic like and bake! except i am really messy and never wear an apron. who really has time for that?

anyway, forget i told you about this giveaway, because once you enter that reduces my chances of winning and never leaving my kitchen again because i will be cooking my life away. which really isn't such a bad thing!

reasons i deserve this lovely:
1. i love the Pioneer Woman (blog, book, cookbook, etc.)
2. i love color (if you've come to my house you know this)
3. i love cooking
4. and i love my kitchenaid standing mixer

i don't want to get rid of mine. i still remember that beautiful evening she came into my life. i registered for her not thinking i would ever have a chance in you know where to get her. the day before i took my wedding vows, at the hotel, aunt terri arrives. the sky opens up. angels start singing their hymns of praises. the light from heaven...

you understand. i was in love. and totally, totally swooning over my little black beauty. can you imagine if i had two what i could do. ahhhhhh, the possibilities are endless.

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