steve wozniak vs. candian brass

this is a true story.

yesterday morning as i was making my men breakfast i very excitidly (is that a word? even if it's not, i was that excited) told my music man:

"Steve Wozniak is speaking at ACU next Monday. Maybe it starts after I get out of class and we can just find a babysitter for O while he is sleeping so we can go hear him speak? Tickets are only $10."

"Is he really? Wow?!?! Canadian Brass is performing at McM the week after for $25. I wanted to go, but really $25?"

The true musical supporter of a wife I am, but recovering, former marketing director says, "Whew, I am so glad they arne't on the same night. I wouldn't be able to choose between Steve Wozniak and Canadian Brass. I've always wanted to see them. But yea, $25. Who does McM think they are charging $25. I am glad they made that choice easy."

my music man didn't think that was as funny as i did.

oh, come on. it was pretty funny. Steve Wozniak and Canadian Brass in the same sentense. really, Steve, you are in good company dude. those are some talented musicians!

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