take over. make over. do over.

i have decided to make over my blog.

or make over my blog.

or is it a do over?

i am not going to start writing about something different. can you imagine me not writing about Owen. or Mitchell. or my crazy life. of course not.

i just feel that my blog, which is really a journal of my life, our life has become a little bit of a sounding off board. driving without destination. i've been so busy after all i haven't read the past 3 Real Simple magazines sitting on my desk. craziness i tell you.

i have been thinking about more pointed blog posts. something more along the line of:

being a decorista on a budget
cooking & recipes
hmmmm, something else... something more
flashback friday? thankful thursday? wordless wednesday? (these are all things i have posted on before)

this is just a starting off point and something i am definitley excited about. are you writing more pointed blog posts these days? it seems like more of my friends are. if so, let me know what you are writing about and are excited about sharing on your blog. or have you picked up a special post on another blog?

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