lists of four

my lovely blonde friend amber who left abielene to bask in the golden rays of Florida did this fun post. and since i am on my kick of new and different posts... here we go.

fun little lists of four. take this and re-post your own little lists of fours.

4 shows I watch:
1. TOP CHEF: the mister and i love this show and have watched since the first season. shhhhh. we have last night's episode dvr'd. don't tell me what happened!!!!
2. REAL HOUSEWIVES OF _______ (fill in the blank): yes... i watch that filthy trash. it requires zero thinking and fries my brain. i know. but i love that crap. ugh, i hate that word... crap. but there really is no other way to describe that show than using that word. really. if nothing else, it's really funny.
3. SARAH'S HOUSE: i just found this show since being at home. i think it's fairly new to HGTV. go find it, dvr it. and watch it. i really like her!
4. another show that i am too embarrassed to admit to. my sister might end up calling me out on this. it airs on E! i'll tell you that. if you can't figure it out from there, you are probably a better person than i am.

4 things I'm passionate about:
1. MY HEAVENLY FATHER: His daily forgiveness. my renewed passion for Him EVERYDAY. His faithfulness. i could go on and on. i stand in awe of His beauty and power. HE IS SO AWESOME and truly so faithful to you and me. how great is that? i am truly so undeserving!
2. FAMILY: there is no greater gift (other than my Grace) than family. within 4.5 hours of calling my mom and dad in tears because my son had been sick for 1.5 weeks, to the doctor twice in 4 days, and we were all suffering, my mom and dad were on my door steps. within four and a half hours of my calling them. that is family. and that is why they are so special to me. each and everyone of them.
3. FRIENDS: i don't deserve my friends either. i am not the best friend to my friends that i can be. but i still have great ones. i have friends who give the best hugs, advice, send the best emails and phone calls, and they are all mine. i can only hope that i reciprocate that.
4. HOME: home is so important. it is where you sleep, and create memories. it is where you come to at the end of a long day. where you gather around the table to pray, eat, and laugh. home is where your family will always gather under one roof, no matter what city they live in. it is a central place for you to come to. where beds aren't needed, just a blanket and pillow. home is different to each person you meet, but something special to everyone. home is so wonderful and warm and to have our own home to create these memories is such a beautiful blessing. my parents always made our home so special and i hope i can always do that for our children.

4 phrases I say alot:
1. SHUT UP: no like, "you shut up" i say it in the context of when i am excited. either way, it's probably not appropriate.
2. HEY: i really need to say, Hello or Hi. well i do say those things. but i need to cut down on hey. i've been in west texas too long. 10 years, whew! i realized that last night!
3. ????
4. ????

4 things I learned from the past:
1. I don't regret anything: i really don't. i like to learn from things that have happened in the past. i have once too often dwelled on the past. God has forgiven and forgotten my transgressions, why i haven't i? it is a constant lesson for me.
2. i need to workout more when i am pregnant, and totally forgotten about the whole extreme nausea thing!
3. all those creams don't really prevent stretch marks. maybe the working out would have :) hey, there's a thought!
4. would eating carrots really have helped my eye sight?!?!

4 things I did yesterday:
1. TARGET: we are always there, at least once a week!
2. Playdate with Christina and Elizabeth. We've missed those the past 2 weeks since Big O has been sick.
3. Taught GA's last night.
4. Had fun and cut up with an awesome friend who I love at church last night.

4 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Mitchell coming home tonight for dinner. (that's an everyday thing!)
2. Park fun sometime today!
3. Hickory Street lunch date with friends tomorrow!
4. Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ!

4 things I love about spring:
1. Spring colors.
2. Spring clothes.
3. Sandals.
4. Warm weather. Not too hot, not too cold.

4 things on my wishlist:
Ehhh, I don't need anything. I've got everything I could ever need. And definitely more than I deserve.

that was fun. now i am going to go call all my friends. delete all the reality shows on my dvr. and paint my toe nails.

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SJ said...

I just got into Top Chef this season, and I love it!! Don't worry, I won't spoil anything for you. I'll just let you know I was sad to see my favorite chef go :(