let's talk about chalk, baby

we like to chalk these days in our house.

a lot.

auntie vicki gave Owen a bucket of 500 pieces of chalk for his birthday. it's one of our favorite things to do.

one day while we made a random trip to one of our favorite stores (hobby lobby) i picked up a can of chalk board spray paint. why i purchased this i don't know. but i sat on it for a while trying to decide what i was going to spray paint.

i have several large empty frames i thought i would convert into chalk boards. but that wouldn't be fun. or large enough. then i had to decide where i wanted to put a chalk board. it then came to me. the wall in our kitchenette area.

but i couldn't use any old empty frame, i needed to have my music man make me one out of old wood.

and i was going to spray paint the wall with the chalk board spray paint... ? right.

well, i did.
it's not quite complete. and i know the paint isn't perfect, but the wood frame is going to cover that up! we need to trim one more piece of wood to finish out the frame, but i sprayed the wall, put up one piece and wood, and waaaa laaa. you sort of have a picture of what the finished product will look like.

home reno-redecorate in process. i will post a finised picture when it's finished. and this only cost me like $5!

lessons learned:

1. chalk board spray paint really not so useful. just go buy the paint. especially when you are painting inside. luckily we have good ventilation in the house and it was nice enough to have all the windows open today.

2. tape off more of the wall than you think you need to. if you are messy like me, paint is going to go everywhere. luckily (again) we have extra wall paint and i just covered up my mess... like new. and painted over some scuff marks in the living room.

3. wear your kid out the morning before this project so he takes a REALLY good nap and you get a lot done.

waaa laaa!

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