band director vs. pro golfer

ladies, if your husband golfs he secretly (or not so secretly) dreams of becoming a professional golfer.

he dreams of recieiving the call from the PGA that they have sent his tour card (or however it works) in the mail and he is officially on the tour.

that's just how it is for about 99% of men out there, i know it is for my husband. if he could leave his gig of teaching right now. this very minute. he would for all the fame and glory of joining the PGA!

yesterday as we were watching the end of the Master's together and the last 3 or so guys were neck in neck, they were cutting away to show their wives clutching their LV purses, 3 carot diamond earrings blinging in their ears, as they were convulsing with nerves. and then as Charl Schwartzel wins his wife crys and is elated. i told Mitchell that is how i feel at the end of his concerts. i am elated and start crying with enthusiasm. he thought i was totally being sarcastic and silly. (in part i was) but really, if you could do what he does with middle school kids and put on a concert that is worthy of what some high school bands does, you'd cry like some of those pro golfer's wives do. i do get that excited!!!

and then Mitchell decides again he is going to join the tour and give up the music world. i told him the only way i'd give up my posh life as a musicians wife is if he'd buy me prada sunglasses like Charl's wife. that's the deal breaker for me.

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