flash back friday

6 years ago this past wednesday mitchell walked into my apartment. we were both in college. it was my senior year his junior. he was expecting a nice lovely evening of us just hanging out. i viciously told him that we cannot talk about marriage, weddings, or anything after that date until there was a ring with a diamond on my left hand.

and that was the end of that.

i don't remember the rest of the evening but i am sure it didn't go as mitchell had planned and i am sure it was a quiet evening.

6 years ago this weekend, as was already planned i took a trip with my college dance team out of town, and mitchell took a trip to the metroplex to pick up that diamond ring then to waco to meet my parents and sister to ask my family for my hand in marriage.

4 days later, April 13, 2005 we were engaged.

maybe i hadn't told him viciously that we couldn't talk about marriage anymore now that i look back on it. maybe.

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