dear brunette barbi,

yes you, who works out at my health club.

i hate to break it to you but this is not the Real Housewives of West Texas.

real women don't workout in their wonder bras and pink leopard tank tops - with their long beautiful, curled hair in a conviniently loose poney tail, so that by half way through class you just have to take it out. who works out with their hair down and in their face? flowing from side to side, waving back and forth? who does that?

don't get me wrong. you look great. and you deserve to wear all that spandex and pink leopard tops, with matching nikes. at first you bothered me. and then i thought, hey if i looked that good maybe i would dress like that to workout.

no, i wouldn't. i still wear dance pants from college to teach in. the most i have spent on any single workout item are my tennis shoes. eveyrthing else is a tshirt or from target.

no one does that.

so, brunette barbi. please just let me know if you are auditioning for Real Housewives of West Texas and i will back off on all the mean and dirty comments i say in my head.


p.s. i hope nothing pops out of your tank top tomorrow when you are doing juming jacks! because that would just suck for you. but maybe not for all the men at the gym.

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Mandi said...

it's 1:30 am and I'm afraid I'm gonna wake someone up laughing...this is hilarious! Been there, thought that!