natural to the grocers

it is no secret around here that we love organic. all natural. and organic. i was cleaning out our fridge and pantry (which isn't really a pantry, it's a cabinet. yeah, cabinets in our wash room. i obviously didn't think twice about that when we walked through the open house, but that was a dream compared to the DIY shelf in our apartment)

anyway, i was doing the monthly cleaning of the fridge and pseudo-pantry and realized we eat really healthy as a family. i am not trying to brag on ourselves, but we do. where we gain our unneeded calories is from desserts and drinks. that is my weakness, therefore becoming my family's weakness. one day, one day.

what i can't find or buy here in abilene my beloved mother purchases for me in austin at central market or whole foods. bless her, seriously, bless her. she brings me my spices, flour, maple syrup, olive oil - you name it, from those lovely places. all the little fun things that you read about on blogs and online that you can only dream about cooking with and you know you will never find in little a-town - she brings it to me.

first class service. that is what this is!

that is really why i love united on s. 14th so much. they have a lot, but not everything. and the natural food store on s. 7th. and was excited when the food co-op was coming to abilene. still so much work. i am used to just going to central market on westgate, people.

then... then came natural grocers. i didn't know what to expect. i really didn't get myself too excited. but then i walked in and almost cried. almost. it is magnificent. it truly is. if you haven't been then you NEED TO GO. just sample, just buy a few things. just having access to such amazingly awesome produce, organic, and all natural just might make you a believer if you aren't already!

the only sad thing is that my personal organic concierge is now out of business. sorry grammie!

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