it's 5'o clock somewhere, right?

caution. this blog post contains the following content: ky jelly. feminine products. and target. i didn't say it all needed a warning. i am just warning you.

Owen and i went to target today for the second time in two days. not bad really if you ask me. i only needed one thing. feminine products. (i only tell you this to really fully illustrate this story. don't judge me)

i didn't want to just roam the aisles of target with that one little box and a toddler in my arms. so we grab a cart and naturally i remember that i need mascara. and quickly by time we make it to the magical aisle Owen is tired of being in the cart which never happens, but he has an ear infection and didn't sleep last night. so i grab what i need and throw it in our cart, and then grab him and let him run up and down the aisle.

well, if you didn't know ky jelly is in the same aisle as lady things. isn't that convinient? and it's at a 16 month old's reach. wow. that's great thinking. so Owen, now free from the cart grabs a few boxes like he knows what he's doing, starts cracking up like he knows what he's doing, and starts running. like Forrest Gump running. and i'm the stupid little kids running behind him who can't catch up. and there he is, with a box of ky jelly in each hand kackeling.

this sweet little thing:

i eventually caught up to him. and made a mad dash to the check out counter. i had had enough for the day.

but i wouldn't have it any other way!

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