one year ago. one day ago.

i can't stand it.

i just can't stand it.

you make my heart ache with joy and happiness and love - that it actually aches and swells. so much so that i think i just cannot stand it anymore.

one year ago you were into everything. wanting to do everything by yourself. nothing has changed today. but you are never too far ahead of me. you always run off, but come running back, look up at me and reach out for my hand. you love to hold hands. anywhere we are going.

my sweet Owen. your kisses are sweeter every single day. and now, randomly you will come at me and give me kisses. you will bend and swoop your face toward mine, and go in for a big juicy kiss. ahhh, there is goes again. my heart is just beating out of my chest thinking of it.

i feel sometimes that i cannot take so much happiness or this extreme joy in my life. sometimes i don't know what to do with it, my blessings are seeping out through my pores. i look at you and your father and cannot imagine what i have done to deserve waking up to you two every single day. getting to kiss you good morning and good night. i don't deserve anything my heavenly Father has given me.

but, oh how i bow down in gracious prayer every second of every day thanking Him for the life He has given me that includes you!

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