5 years {day one}

this friday, june 10th, Mitchell and i will celebrate our 5th anniversary. we have been together for 8 years this past march.

everyday leading up to friday, i will post a few of the many reasons i love my wonderful husband.

my love,

look at you. i LOVE this picture. i love it so much that i placed it on every post, print piece, advertisement, HSU, cowboy band item that i could while i was working in the marketing office at HSU. but really, i'd be proud of that kick, too if i were you!

before our first date you asked for my phone number while i was walking to friend's dorm. you were nasty and sweat from playing basketball, complete with a pony tail on your head. come to think of it the first few times i saw you, you looked like this!

a long week and half passed and you didn't call. i remember asking my sister if i should call you or not - i was getting impatient by that point. she quickly said no, i quickly turned around and called you. i think i made you feel bad.

we talked for about 500 hours. i never do that. i don't even like talking on the phone.

you had no problem calling after that. even when you'd show up at my apartment by surprise with whilte chocolate frozen yogurt and gummy bears.

i love getting your calls to this day. your name and picture popping up on my phone still makes my heart jump and i get giddy all over again.


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