pray for Callie

Callie Cochran is a 22 month old little girl.

her parents are friends who attend church with us. after experiencing symptoms for 3 weeks, the doctors called for a CT scan yesterday and found a tumor in her cerebellum the size of a peach. last night Callie and her parents Phil and Courtney headed to Cooks. today after more tests the doctors confirmed her tumor and are almost certian that her tumor is malignant. they are not sure if the tumor is wrapper around her brainstem or not.

this is an update from Callie's mom, posted on facebook earlier this evening:

"Talked to the drs and she has peach size tumor in the back of her brain that is consuming most of the back portion of her brain. He informed us that almost always these tumors are malignant. He also feels that it is certain that she will have some type of side effects. Our prayers are for a benign tumor that doesn't involve the brain stem, no complications during and after surgery and that she would be the same Callie!!! Please pray for wisdom and skill for Dr Donahue and all staff that will come in contact with her. Our hearts r hurting but not broken. We serve a MIGHTY GOD!! If you would please join us in endless PRAYER And FASTING for our SWEET CALLIE!!"

please stop and pray for Callie. pray for her doctors. pray for her nurses and the staff at Cooks.

pray for Phil and Courtney. pray for her brother Carson who is 4 years old. pray for her family.

cry out to The Lord for peace, comfort, and understanding. You are Mighty O' Lord. You are our ultimate healer and comforter. You are the most high!

most of all, please send this post out to your friends, your Sunday School class, your Life Groups, everyone you know and ask them to stop and pray for Callie tomorrow at 7am as her surgery starts.

pray for Callie.

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