date night. anniversary. surprise.

june the 10th was our 5 year anniversay. we didn't do anything special because we figured we be in dallas and austin the next week, and it's way funner to celebrate there than our regular restaurant scene here (copper creek/behive).

at the begining of the week mitchell told me we had an anniversary surprise Saturday night while we were in DFW.

i LOVE SURPRISES! so i couldn't wait. we get to grand prairie to the verizon theatre to see Chelsea Handler.

now, don't you go judge me now.

it was inappropriate. i was a little embarassed at times. but it was hilarious. come on, our parents went to go see rodney dangerfield and i know that wasn't PG-13.

needless to say we laughed a lot. i am sure the people around us couldn't even hear because of my cackeling.

above all. i enjoyed sometime with my love. and that was awesome.

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