when we found out we were pregnant with Owen we got a larger vehicle. that and a 1996 mazda 626 isn't the safest in the world. no air bags in the backseats, people.

and then came baby. and all of baby's stuff.

we haven't taken a really long or long (timewise) road trip since having Owen. and romulus who used to take car rides all the time, don't get near a vehicle unless it's his vet visit.

2 weeks ago we loaded up baby, baby's stuff, our stuff, food, coolers, toys, book, stuffed animals, and romulus and headed toward austin. then did it again 4 days later and headed to dallas.

it made for a lot of fun. haha, crazy fun.

but our once larger vehicle became really, really, really small. i guess anything is smaller once you throw a 130 pound dog into the mix.

but Owen didn't seem to mind one bit!

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