aint too proud

*warning. this post might be too graphic for you. especially if you don't have children. but when you do, oh you will share my JOY!

Owen totally went number 1 AND 2 in the toilet tonight.

and you remember how excited i was last time he did number 1, and how hard he trys... then you know how totally PUMPED i am that it was both big jobs.

lets just say it was a total surprise to mommy. i at least knew something was up when it got stinky while i was getting the bath ready.

can i tell you changing a dirty diaper is TOTALLY different than cleaning out a little potty.

give me the dirty diapers any day. no matter what color they are.

was that too much?!?!

yep, there's the line. and i am WAY passed it!

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the4phillips said...

We got this way cool potty seat at Home Depot that is like an normal toilet seat with a kiddies seat attached that folds down. It is SOOO much better than the aftermarket types that you can buy with all the characters and stuff. That and the little stool helped us move from the kiddie potty to the big potty and we were able to avoid any poop messes. That sounds WAY disgusting. I feel for you!