this is how we do it

sha la la la la la la.

do you remember that song? who sings it, criss cross? oh no, that's the jump jump song they sing. anyway. i'll spare you and singing! this is what made me think of that song:

Owen has a potty. we aren't heavily potty training or anything, but he tells me when he's dirty (shhhewie), trys to take off his diaper when he's dirty, etc. so we figured it was time to start leaning in that direction.

yesterday, we go to the bathroom together to go potty, i sit on the big potty - Owen sits on his. he then decides he needs to take of his shirt, then pants. apparently he thought that would help him. or maybe he saw his father do that, i certainly don't sit there wtith no clothes on!

we're sitting, doing our business and all of a sudden Owen says, "Ugggh!" quickly followed by, "Whew!"

i kid you not.

it was amazing, and one of the most hilarious things i have heard/seen him do.

i proceed to give him toilet paper, told him we were finished so he needed to wipe his bowhinney.

he grabs the TP, wipes his bowhinney (standing up), turns around and closes the lid to his potty holding the TP, re-opens it to throw away the TP, then flushes, smiles at me, then leaves.

i wish you could see the replay of this going on in my head right now. oh, Owen. you are so silly!

p.s. here's that song... i finally remembered what it was. now you can have it stuck in your head!

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