thankful. day 23.

i am thankful for Mitchell Lee Etter. i am so grateful that he was born in Irving, Texas on November the 16th, 1983. i am thankful for the man his parents raised him to be, and the love his family gave him everyday.

i love how he loves his family. i love how tender and giving his heart is. i admire how hard he works, and puts himself second. i am amazed at what a talented musician he is, and giving teacher. i love how he reminds me of my daddy; selfless, hardworking, loving, resonable, and loved by all.

selfishly, i love that he loves me. i love that he chose me, gave me love, attention, and a realtionship i never knew was possible. he showed me how to love in return, and give without question. i love how he loves me.

i love the father he is. the amazingly patient father that he is. i knew i first loved Mitchell when i knew i could see him with our children in his hands.

i love that Owen is silly, loving, and tender like his father. giving and thoughtful.

i love that i get to wake up to this man everyday and sleep next to him every night.

i love that he makes me laugh and that i have learned not to take myself or life too seriously. none of that matters - only our family does.

he is the lover of my heart, mind, and soul. he is all that i will never need, and more than i ever hoped for.

thank you, my Love for being you. thank you for loving me. thank you for giving me a family. thank you for our children and the house we have made a home together.

i love you more than you will ever know. deeper than i can ever express.

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