these are by obsessions

i have noticed i have been slightly obsessed with a few things lately. do you ever get a kick like that? like wearing the same shoes over and over because they are so cute and so comfy and go with everything. these three things are my leopard print shoes. I LOVE THEM!

it seems like everything i cook lately has to come from my Perini Ranch cookbook. i love it. i love it so much it stays displayed on my counter top. last week i cooked three things from it, all within 4 days. Perini Zucchini, Green Chili Hominy, and that yummy Cowboy Stew on the cover. i am just drooling thinking about the next dish i am going to make!

and in the light of camp fire/Texas cooking, i have been completely devoted to my cast iron skillet. sautes, brazing, you name it this baby has seen that action in the past few weeks.

next stop: cobbler.

now normally i am a green works by clorox mama, but i am super obsessed with this cleaner latley. i have always love the meyer's products, but it not only cleans my counter tops, and leaves them squeeky clean, but it smells fresh! it leaves the kitchen smelling fresh for hours. FRESH! that's our new thing: Owen are your feet stinky or fresh. FRESH!

weird i know - but really funny!

oh and the lavendar scent... to die for!

these are just a FEW of the things i am using over and over and over again lately. what have you been hooked on? what are you using over and over again in your house! i love trying out new products - share the love!

side note: i should be totally ashamed i just quoted a 1990's hip hop song for the title of my blog. it's not my fault, it's my husbands.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot how much I love your blogging girl! Good stuff!