tried it thursday

as with the rest of the country, i love pinterest and spend more time than i should browsing and pinning and dreaming.

earlier this week when i was up at 2:30 am i found this picture and recipe for cheesey chicken spaghetti.

chicken. spaghetti. cheese. GOOD!

so, instead of Perini stew leftovers for dinner, this is what this pregnant mama was craving. after looking at the recipe and directions posted on this website i decided i could do better.

1. NO CHICKEN FROM A CAN. that's just gross.
2. NO MUSHROOMS FROM A CAN. i had tons of fresh ones.
3. no velveeta. if i was going to make this all together and not throw it in the crock pot, i might as well use real cheese.
4. sauteed veggies i a little butter and EVOO, added cream of chicken and mushroom and cheese.

wa-la! new and improved reicpe to fit my needs/tastes/pregnant mama wants! and it was so good. i probably would have also added chili powder to enhance the tex-mex flavor from the can of rotel. other than that it was great!

i don't know what's next on my pinterest baking list, but i would call that a fairly successful Pin!

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