saturday mitchell and i are sitting around talking and O is playing somewhere in the house.

out of no where he comes around the corner waving a $20 bill. now those things are precious in our house, so we both freak out wondering where he got it. i immediately assumed he was hoarding money and got excited that there might be more somewhere else. mitchell shot up, started chasing Owen, and proceed to chase him for a few minutes.

that kid is pretty fast!

later Owen revealed that he had daddy's wallet in the back of his truck and was able to get more money if he wanted. keep in mind, mitchell worked at abuelos the night before and still had all his tips in there. we needed to confiscate that wallet. mitchell eventually traded a $1 for his $20.

both boys were happy.

at the basketball game that afternoon Owen wanted a snack. i told him he needed to go get cash from daddy. "daddy cash. daddy cash. DADDY CASH!"

Owen got his M&M's.

this morning Owen is currently playing with my wallet and the $3 i have to my name. come to think of it - i think he also has my debit card. i better go see what he's up to.

and just for the record - he didn't inherit this pick-pocketing from me. i ALWAYS ask before taking money! :)

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