20 minutes

the following events happened within 20 minutes of each other. 20 minutes.

mitchell heads to work after church. Owen and i head to united for last minutes super bowl party necessities.

30 seconds into the store, Owen escapes from the grocery cart, runs to the bakery. i chase behind him with the cart. he's too fast. ditch the cart, grab my purse and run. he's running back at me with a dozen thumb print cookies. grab the cookies, grab my kid, put the cookies back, plop him back into the shopping cart. (the one with the little car at the bottom) consider getting another cart and buckeling him in.

Owen throws a fit - he wants a cookie.

wonderful bakery lady brings him a cookie, she saw our fiasco. Owen throws a fit. he doesn't want one thumbprint cookie, he wants a dozen. don't we all?

manage to get our lunch meat, cheese, and veggies.

Owen looks at me and says, "Mommy pretty." i quickly forget about the cookie craziness.

O again, tries to escape 5 times. or is hanging his head out of the cart.

look down into the car, find all sorts of bad food in his lap. as he's trying to open the boxes. those foods really shouldn't be at a two year olds eye level. empty cart, settle on Annies fruit snacks. quickly head toward the check out.

pull Owen out to put on his jacket, he bolts for the door. yes, outside. that's his favorite thing, running in parking lots. LOTS of fun!

checking out at united, cookie crumbs and fruit snacks everywhere, in my church dress and heels, purse in hand, holding a two year old whose wiggeling and the cute little checkout boy has the audacity to ask me if i need help out with my 500 grocery bags.

yes. i do... how did you know?

unload Owen. unload groceries. try to get undressed. hear Owen trying to open garage door to get tuba that is in the garage.

carry him my room. get dressed. sit on the floor about to pass out. Owen gives me a hug.

Mitchell walks into the house!


relay our 20 minutes to Mitchell and then he proceeds to ask, "How many children do you want?"

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