hey jerk,

yes, you! you, who called animal control on my dog for his barking. i've got a few tidbits for you!

my dog is 130 pounds. not only is he big, but his bark is loud. and your little yappy dog barking is annoying, too!

my dog only barks when there is a stupid stray cat in the alley or when someone is in the alley. FYI, he's keeping you, me, and our neighborhood safe.

third, and lastly. if you have a problem with my dog barking, come tell me. if you can't do that, i am assuming you are being a big, mean liar! like last time you complained on him... old nasty man next door!

a very upset mommy

P.S. i'm always home, so no, he doesn't bark when he's outside when we're "at work"!


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