boo boo, mama?

this morning Owen informed me i needed to call the doctor.

O: mama, call docta Wob (Dr. Rob)

Me: why baby, what wrong?

O: i have a boo boo.

Me: let me see.

O: theya, mama. wook, mah boo boo (pointing to a mole on his leg). call docta Wob.

we saw doctor Wob at church this morning and informed him of Owens self diagnosis. we told Owen we saw docta Wob.

O: docta Wob my boo boo?

Me: yes we told dr. Rob you had a boo boo.

this afternoon i was poking around my tummy trying to get Eli to move. he's been in the same position all day, stretching out.

Owen then informed me i needed to call docta Wob.

oh, dear.

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