fingers crossed

Owen has only taken his paci at nap and night time since he was about 6 months old. maybe younger. but, yes - he still sleeps with it. and now, after a week of the flu and me allowing him to have it whenever he wants, he now wants it all the time. ugh!

i wasn't really wanting to take away his paci until after we moved him to his big boy bed. he sleeps so well, i am just so afraid of messing up his sleep pattern. sue me. but i was getting a little tired of him asking for it ALL the time.

so today, i cut the end of the paci off before putting him to bed 45 minutes ago. the look on his face was priceless after i left his room. i was dying laughing after i left his room. it should not have been that funny. but it was!

45 minutes later he's still not asleep... but he's not crying and not asking for a paci. Score mommy!

let's see if i am brave enough to do this at bed time! oh, give me strength.

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