it hurts soooo good

Mitchell and I haven't attended Body Pump at Hendrick in a while. We have been devoted to running. Really, devoted to running and doing free weights. For those of you who don't go to Hendrick Health Club, "Abilene's Only Up Scale Gym" (or so says the billboard) and for those who don't know what Body Pump is, let me enlighten you.

Body Pump is one hour of weights using a bar, to high beat, free flowing music, that challenges each muscle group in your body. All lead by 2 very energetic instructors who are by definition ripped, crazy and ADHD. What I really do like about this and each of the classes at HHC is you can do as much or as little weights or resistance as you want. What you can't tune out is the annoyingly nice, peppy encouragement. It goes and goes and goes. They are so freakingly nice. But you still really like the instructors.

Back to the story at hand. So we decided to attend Pump yesterday afternoon after a long hiatus. One hour, seven songs or nine... I lose count. I enjoyed it and had a really great time. At the end of class one of our instructors says, "My name is Mike this is Kate thanks for coming to Body Pump let us know if you have any questions." Mitchell turns to me and says...

"Mike, how do you make it stop hurting?"

What do I do? DIE LAUGHING!!! Then he says, "How do I stop the pain?" I wish he would stop talking because now I am starting to hurt from laughing and people are staring. I am laughing like a hyenia. Now I want to stop the pain but can't.

So it hurt, it hurt so good yesterday!

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katy said...

you are so cute. that's a nice kind of hurt, now comes the nice kind of sore!