the 3-2-5

I guess it's a big step. Becoming a full-fledged Abilenian. My husband officially has made the move to becoming a member of Abilene, Texas' elite society and obtaining a 325 cell phone number.

After living in Abilene for six fruitful years Mitchell got an 325 phone number this past Thursday. I guess 4 of those years he was a student, those don't technically count. For all of you who didn't know my loving husband wasn't just taking advantage of his parent's generosity. No. He didn't have an emotional attachment to his 817 phone number. Well, maybe he did. He was simply forced, and by forced I mean forced to get a 325 phone number. And I didn't do the enforcing thank you.

Now that he is a head band director and all he is needed by all and can't just give out a long distance number to those who need him. So he went to AT&T (formerly Cingular) received permission from his father, who had to call in to let him go from the 817, yes that actually had to go down, and Mitchell crossed over into what is now known as 325-adulthood.

Luckily enough for me its an easy number and sadly enough for his mother he now officially cut off from the 817. Sorry SuSu!

So, for all of you contemplating the big jump and playing with those butterfly's in your stomach you can do it. Become your own person. Get your own area code. Pay that bill. Oh, wait. I don't pay my cell phone bill. Gee, thanks HSU!

(You didn't think i would post Mitchell's cell phone number on here did you? Call me if you want his number or email us!)

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