have you ever hugged a gorilla?

Or wrestled with a bear? I experienced a sequence of events similar to those last night as Romulus was laying in bed with me. I don't let a 115 pound dog lay in bed with me often and he never sleeps with us, much to his dismay. Can you imagine two adults and a dog in a full size bed?

Since Mitchell was working last night bringing home the dough I thought I would let Romulus lay in bed. Bad idea number one. He is big and take up most of the bed, I was about to fall off the entire time he was on the bed. As Romulus was on the bed he decided he wanted to cuddle. Suddenly I see Rom's paw come out of nowhere aimed at my face. Everything happened slowly after that as I saw my life flash before my eyes.

This has happened to myself and Mitchell before. As Romulus races around the backyard making figure eights he has run toward us before. Once he has taken down Mitchell, twice he has taken down my dad. While funny and VERY amusing, this episode is scary. A large black dog, not running but racing toward you. Chops flaring in the wind, drool running down both sides of his mouth, ears sticking straight up. Like I said, your life flashes before your eyes. I usually scream hysterically and scare the elderly neighbors.

Now I have the mark on my upper lip to prove you can't cuddle with a great dane. Why would someone want to do that? But he's so cute when he is cuddled up into a ball at night when he going to bed!


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