i have amazing men in my life

The Lord has blessed me immensely and has surrounded me with wonderful and Godly men. My Lord and Savior, my husband, my father and my Great Uncle Cal - Tio Lito. Both of my grandfathers passed before myself, Ricky and Vicki were born. My Tio Lito has been the only grandfather figure we have had in our lives. He is a loving and caring man, fearful of the Lord and a very hard worker. Tio has been diagnosed, fought and survived 3 bouts of cancer. Last week he was diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys.

Please pray for his strength and that the Lord's will be done. I know God will provide good doctors to take care of him and hopefully a speedy and quick recovery. Pray for his family and wonderful wife, Aunt Monica. God is so good to us all and we are so thankful for the days and blessings He has given us.


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