one camera phone, one small waiting room and one crazy family

Wednesday my uncle had surgery to remove tissue, a lot of scar tissue and to figure out what's going on in his body. Mitchell and I drove up to Lubbock to spend the day with my family in the waiting room as he was in surgery for about 6 hours. Everything went well, they took lots of tissue sample and should have the biopsy results back in about a week. Good news is they didn't take his kidney. I think that may be a good sign. Much to our surprise we got to see him after surgery, and just like Tio he was cracking jokes saying he felt like Angelina Jolie. Big lips and all. And of course he asked the doctor when he would be back on the golf course.

Although we were all cautiously worried about Tio we all found light hearted moments in the day. The best part of the day was spending time with my family which we haven't found time to do in a while. I haven't gotten to see my cousins since the few times I was passing through Slaton during travel season when I was in the admissions office. And that was only for a few nights and minutes at a time. Or at the hospital when family was sick. Mitchell hasn't really gotten to spend time visiting with them ever. Getting to hang out and visit with my cousins Raymond, his wife Susan, Laurie, her daughter Hopie, and my cousin James made me think of times when we little and would come to Tio and Tia's house to visit during summers. The only people missing was JR, my parents, brother and sister. And of course Tio.

Things weren't that different from year's ago. Comments were still made about my large feet.

The highlight of the day was not mine. It was Raymond's and his camera phone. Please see the evidence below.

These aren't the worst of it. There was a picture of Hopie being attacked by a giraffe and then also looking like some kind of deranged Mickey Mouse. I won't go into details. Yes, this is my crazy family and why I love them!

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Jamie, Diana and J'Lee said...

I am glad to hear that Tio is doing a little better. Thanks for the picture comments. By the way you looked beautiful today!