future HSU cowgirls

Please forgive me for not posting these pictures sooner. Our two beautiful, gorgeous and incredibly marvelous nieces Maggie and Mollie Grace visited a few weekends ago.

I personally think this picture looked like me my freshman year before I lost all that weight. Mollie Grace looks much cuter in the tummy shirt, don't you think?

Maggie really didn't feel like Vogueing it that day.

My predictions for the girls when they enroll at the 40 Acres are this: Maggie will be the girly athlete who plays Cowgirl basketball. And Mollie Grace will be on Spurs... of course. Who better to follow in her Aunt Mandy's footsteps?

We had the best time with the girls that weekend and can't wait until they come back to visit us in Abilene. We miss you and Luke every minute of the day!



CarolineJoy said...

Thanks! The cards were designed by Scott Taylor. He graduated from ACU and he's a graphic designer in Abilene.

Cute photos! :)

PorterHouse said...


Ya know, *I'm* a spur now! I won't be as awesome as you were, but my new school has "the Spurs" as a mascot---its like a little piece of "college home" that will remind me of Abilene everyday I go to work. =)