i am a domestic goddess.

With a one hundred and twenty pound dog.

When my music man and I starting looking for the Love Shack I/we had a list of things our first house had to have:
  1. Our house needed to be in a great area. It is - historical Amarillo district, come on! Well, we aren't in the district yet but we have petitioned!
  2. Trees, lots of trees. We have so many trees, remember the naked man who picked our pecans?
  3. Garage: Check 2 car garage.
  4. Backyard: We have a covered patio.
Now, I didn't require hardwood floors. I didn't ask for the smooth, nakedness of a bare floor. But I am a blessed woman. Fairly new bamboo hardwood floors (along with the newly renovated kitchen). I was hesitant about the bamboo but it has grown on me and the lighter wood is a great contrast against the darker color of our living room furniture.

Let me assure you if there was an inch of carpet in this house it would have been ripped out the minute we moved in. I just knew the hardwood would be much easier, right? That was life before my one hundred and twenty pound, hair covered, dirty/mud covered, drool releasing, small horse. You know him as Romulus.

This may sound funny to you, but you have no idea how true this statement is. Sometimes I am surprised there is grass and dirt left in our backyard after everything that he drags in. Each morning he puts on a show, circling the yard in figure 8's, kicking up dirt around him as runs. To the point where I can't see him. And then he runs inside, just fast
enough to where he can turn without running into built-in cabinets or washroom. Which he used to do. All the while trailing in everything behind him.

You can't imagine the mess on the floor after this spectacle has taken place, sometime several times a day if it's weekend. That and because I leave the back door open for him to come in and out. I don't sweep once a week or twice. I sweep once a day. I have this new rover electric vacuum that so cleverly tilts its head, turns in to a dust buster. Its beautiful. I could go on for days. I sweep and electric vacuum. All for the sake of my hardwood floors. That's not even touching mopping.

It probably wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't OCD. This is another reason I have become a domestic goddess. This will be among many blog posts as I continue to learn to make the Love Shack a home, become a gourmet chef that prepares healthy food for her music man, decorate our home chicly on a budget and find my niche for an at-home business.

Oh, did I mention tame my wild beast in the backyard?


PorterHouse said...

Bravo to you! Bobby and I are toying with the thought of bamboo floors... can't you get it dark though, too? I've seen so many houses in the past 4 months...... ugh.

As for decorating, you need to visit:


If you're the least bit crafty, this site will save your already saved soul. Its low priced, and extremely creative. Its also my new favorite place to shop for school AND home. Enjoy!

Martin & Hillary Hernandez said...

yikes!! sounds crazy!! our dog, tho not as horselike...brings in articles from the back too...we have hardwood floors...and always trying to vacuum up behind him. i've given up sweeping...it takes more time. we are moving into an apt wiht carpet...we will see how it goes...

CarolineJoy said...

Hi Amanda! I just found your blog and I love it! What a cute design! :) Have a great day!