did yall just order bar-b-q?

I had a meeting at the United Way offices on Cypress Street today. This isn't my first trip to their offices since I am now an official Loan Executive. This is maybe my fifth trip.

So, I am sitting in a small office talking to Laura and Margaret Mary Martinez (M to the 3rd power) about my accounts that I need to call on and gathering much needed information. During the next few moments the following conversation occurs.

Me: "Did yall just order bar-b-q?"
United Way Ladies: "No, why?"
Me: "It always smells like bar-b-q when I come in here and it makes me hungry."

*awkward pause. hysterical laughter ensues as a weird look crosses my face*

UW Ladies: "Amanda, did you not know that our building burnt to the ground in March?"
Me: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Was anyone hurt?"

*all the while praying that the burnt smell that I smelt wasn't... you know and that it was just burnt building!*

UW Ladies: "No, no one was hurt." More laughter.

Then they proceeded to call others in the office to tell them that I smelled bar-b-q and it was because their building burnt down... 5 MONTHS AGO! All the while laughing.

Me: "This is why I shouldn't be let out of my house, because I have a tendency to stick my foot in my mouth."
UW Ladies: "Well the great part of the fire was that there were a lot of cute fireman."
Me: "Maybe we should do a photo shoot with the fireman and sell calendars to raise money for this year's campaign!!!"

Hopefully I redeemed myself. Did yall just order bar-b-q?!?! What was I thinking?

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