ode to my family, from romulus

The following is a small token to my family whom I miss and love ever so much.

These past few days I have been pacing my yard, sniffing around the house and wearing a single band-aid wondering and hoping I will get to see them again soon. Although I have not resorted to starvation, (my kibble is too important to me) I have been quite depressed. Dragging my feet, making a mess of my food and trying to cuddle with the rug. Mom keeps yelling something about stop it and expensive, but those word mean nothing in light of missing my beloved family.

To my SuSu:

As you are pinned up in that stinky ol' hospital room, I want you to know that I have attempted to escape to come see you. After much thought I knew I wouldn't make it far, my bones don't travel so well in the rain. But know that I hope you get well. As I think of you here in Abilene, I wear a band-aid in tribute of you on my right foot. Sort of like Michael Jackson and his one silver glove. But I choose to remain... you know, black!

Get well soon!


To: Moonchie, Papi, Vicki, Bru & Abbie,

Although we got to spend over one week together, it wasn't nearly enough time. I had way too much fun tearing up the yard, waking up at 5 am and eating things I wasn't supposed to. If being bad means feeling this good, I don't ever want to be good! Below is a picture devoted to you.

We love you all so much!

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